Registration and Performance Assessment Information

All new participants should complete this participant questionnaire before registering.
All past participants and students who have been accepted via performance assessment should proceed to register here.

Available ensembles:

Mixed chamber ensembles
(strings, piano, woodwinds, brass, and classical guitar in combination with one another)
Classical Guitar Ensemble* 
Clarinet Ensemble* 
Flute Ensemble*
Saxophone Ensemble* Raymond Kelly, director 
Brass Ensemble* 
Violin Ensemble*
Cello Ensemble* Mira Kang, director
View the cello ensemble syllabus.

*Ensembles consisting only of one type of instrument.  Thus, Cello Ensemble is comprised only of cellos, Flute Ensemble is all flutes, etc… Brass Ensemble includes a variety of different brass instruments, and Saxophone Ensemble includes a variety of saxophones.

Ensemble placement and scheduling inquiries?  Please contact Dr. Allison Brewster Franzetti.



Performance Assessment requirements:
  • Perform two selections of contrasting tempo and musical era from your current repertoire. For example: an allegro classical selection and an adagio baroque selection.
  • Students should also prepare major and minor scales, and arpeggios representative of their current technical level.
  • Students may be requested to demonstrate sight reading ability.
  • Please expect an informal interview with the program director and attending faculty.
  • The assessment will last approximately 15 minutes.

Performance Assessment Date: September 15, 2018,  10 a.m. – 12 p.m.  Students will have the opportunity to perform their assessment selections and to meet with program staff.  This date will also include a reading session in which prospective participants are invited to sight read repertoire with peers and program interns.

Interested students and their families are invited to attend, whether auditioning or not.  All prospective students should RSVP here. 



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Please review our program policies.